The History Of Feather Quills (And Why They Tickle Our Fancy)

Long before onyx black uni-ball® Roller Pens stole our hearts (and dirtied our fingers), feather quill pens were all the rage. In fact, their monopoly over the writing utensil marketplace held strong for over a thousand years, from their origination in the 6th century all the way through the early 1800’s.

Many a bird gave their feather to produce these tools: geese, swans, and turkeys, to name a few.  Only the first three feathers on a bird’s wing were considered satisfactory for use, and only the first, known as the pinion, was worthy enough to be found in the hands of master calligraphers.

Feather quills gained increasing popularity in the early 1600’s, when calligraphy in the form of Copperstone Style arrived on the scripting scene.  Behold:

ImagePhoto Credit: Gurney Journey

Aren’t those loops just simply divine?  (Psst!  That’s cursive, in case you didn’t recognize it.)

Feather quills gave way to the the wispy, flowing penmanship of America’s early colonial days, making notable appearances on both the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution.  Another fun fact and historical honor: feather quills have been long been laid atop the tables of attorneys appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court — a ceremonious tradition which continues today.

How’s that for notoriety?

We chose the quill to represent FeatherQuill Creative’s core values:

  • Freedom of Expression.  Like birds once confined by keywords and phrases, we’ve broken free from conformity.  While we understand that some projects benefit from SEO-oriented reptition, not all require it.  FeatherQuill Creative takes a custom, “on the fly” approach to content development in order to benefit a broader range of clients.
  • Attention to Detail.  The Constitution wasn’t drafted overnight. At FeatherQuill Creative, we believe that quality documents can take time to develop.  We refuse to cut corners or take shortcuts.  We carefully gather information and resources before beginning in order to ensure the job is done right the first time.
  • Long-lasting Impressions.  The widespread use of feather quills spanned well over a millennium, while the documents they helped to bring to life continue to make an effect today.  At FeatherQuill Creative, we aim to develop meaningful relationships with our clients and their audiences, and we strive for success based on action, not just clicks.

Contact us today to see how our content writing, editing, and proofreading services can help bring your project greater meaning.  We’ll happily provide a free quote and timeline.

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